Our best reward is that you enjoy your service and tell others about us. Your therapist is providing a personal service. If you are pleased with the level of service, feel free (but not obligated) to show your appreciation with a gratuity.


  • The therapist is trained to drape you properly so that no private areas are exposed during your massage.
  • If you are not comfortable with being nude under the sheet,  you are welcome to leave whatever clothing on so that you feel comfortable, up to and including, being fully dressed.
  • If you do not want to take off your bra but you still want your back to be massaged, then leave your bra on and ask the therapist to unhook your bra when you are on the table. They will re-hook it after the back massage is complete.
  • If you leave your underwear on, the therapist will usually tuck the sheet just under the band of your underwear to hold the sheet in place and to prevent any lubricant from getting on your underwear during the massage.
  • We are a scent free office; due to client sensitivities we ask that you kindly refrain from wearing any perfumes or strong scented beauty product to the clinic.

Appointment Times

If you know that you will be running late, please let us know as soon as possible and we will make every effort to accommodate you. Please understand that if you arrive late for your appointment you may lose some of your appointment time.

Cancellation Policy

Please be courteous to our therapists and other clients by providing a MINIMUM of 6 hours notice for cancellations. Failure to give proper notice; through either phone or email, will result in a charge of 50% of your original treatment price.

Late Policy

6-hour cancellation policy (half of treatment price) will be charged.

If the client arrives late for a scheduled appointment, client will receive the remaining time allotted for a late appointment. However, you will be charged for the full duration of the scheduled appointment.

No Show Policy

If the client fails to cancel or show up for a booked appointment, the client will be charged the 50% of the full amount for the booked appointment which must be paid prior to receiving further treatment.


We accept credit, debit, Cash or Cheque. We do direct billing for a set list of insurances companies.